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K-5 Program (CHILD)

Description of Program
CHILD™ (Changing How Instruction for Learning is Delivered) is a research-based teaching and learning framework for the elementary classrooms. Recognized as effective by the US Department of Education, CHILD is a three-dimensional model that differs from the traditional model designed around a single teacher in a single grade.
The CHILD triangulated design changes the traditional classroom in several dynamic ways:

- Three teachers form cluster teams — one reading, one writing, and one mathematics specialist.                                                                                                                     - Cluster teams work across three grade levels organized as primary and intermediate clusters.
- Three teachers work with the same students for three years (looping).

After direct instruction from the teacher, students work independently and collaboratively at three types of learning stations within their cluster. Students rotate to the three classrooms in their cluster. Each classroom has a Computer Station for technology-based work, a Text Station for paper/pencil work, and three Activity Stations for hands-on work. There is also a Teacher Station for individual and small group interventions, re-teaching, and enrichment.

The original research began in 1988 at Florida State University by Dr. Sally Butzin, senior author. Since then, there have been annual updates, along with numerous independent studies that document the effectiveness of the CHILD instructional system. CHILD students have significantly higher academic achievement and better behavior than their peers in traditional classrooms. Parent support and enthusiasm is also very high.
K-5 students also rotate on a three week rotation among the following special classes; PE, Music, Art, and Technology Lab.  Extracurricular activities include nine clubs, Chorus (Grades 4-5), and Safety Patrol (5th Grade). 

Criteria for placement
- Sibling of currently enrolled student
- A staff member’s child
- Board of Director member’s child

- Active Military
- Must reside in the following zip codes
     - 33411 (Royal Palm Beach)
     - 33414 (Wellington)
     - 33470 (Loxahatchee)
     - 33412 (Acreage)
     - 33449 Wellington (Lake Worth Road & West of 441 Lake Worth)
     - 33467 Western Lake Worth (West of the Turnpike ONLY)

Parents must upload or drop off the following information before thier application can be processed:

  • 2020-2021 2nd Trimester Report Card (if applying for Grades 1-5)

  • 2019 FSA Results or a Standardized Assessment Score (SAS) if applying for 5th grade

- After students are placed via our lottery and accepted to fill all open seats, the remaining student names are placed on a waitlist until a seat becomes available.

- All student addresses may be verified


     Kindergarten Roundup:  March 6, 2021  10:00 AM



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