Online Application - 6-8 Middle School Program

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6-8 Middle School Program

Description of Program
Western Academy’s middle school utilizes Interdisciplinary Teams using a Rotational Instructional Model for all core content classes.  Students rotate to 4 core content classes (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math) and two Fine Arts elective classes each day (Art, PE, Music, and Technology Lab).  Advanced content classes are available. Students may also be placed in Algebra I Honors and Geometry I Honors for high school credit.  Extracurricular activities include various clubs, intramural sports, Chorus, and National Junior Honor Society. 

Criteria for placement
- Sibling of a currently enrolled student
- A staff member’s child
- Board of Director member’s child                                                   

        - Active Military                                                                            

- Must reside in the following zip codes
     - 33411 (Royal Palm Beach)
     - 33414 (Wellington)
     - 33470 (Loxahatchee)
     - 33412 (Acreage)
     - 33449 Wellington (Lake Worth Road & West of 441 Lake Worth)         

     - 33467 Western Lake Worth (West of the Turnpike ONLY)

Parents must upload or must drop off the following information before thier application can be processed:

      *  Current School Year's 2nd Quarter Report Card

      *   2021 FSA Results or a Standardized Assessment Score (SAS)

After initial students are placed and accepted to fill all open seats, the remaining student names are placed on a waitlist for a lottery. Wait list numbers are assigned and will be used for lottery selection once an open seat(s) becomes available.

Online Application Deadline:  March 22, 2021

Open House Date:   

                    Saturday, March 5, 2022   10 AM to 12 PM

                    Wednesday, March 9, 2022   6 PM to 8 PM

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